Who doesn't want to see Mark Sanchez singing terrible Backstreet Boys karaoke on a Tuesday night? Apparently, Sanchez doesn't, which is why he allegedly grabbed a man's phone after the guy tried to record him singing at a bar in Philadelphia.

Fortunately, the man still caught enough to play this on a loop forever:

But not only did Sanchez grab the phone, he technically stole it. The person who was recording him is named Marquis, and he called into 97.5 The Fanatic in Philadelphia today to explain the situation. According to Marquis, Sanchez and Riley Cooper invited him to participate in the group karaoke session. Marquis obliged, because who wouldn't want to sing karaoke with two Eagles players? But once he started recording, Sanchez took the phone and wouldn't give it back. He told Marquis that the phone was at the bar, but he was lying, because Sanchez still had it. Once he confronted Sanchez about it, the Eagles QB gave it back.

So hilarious. Is it really that serious, Sanchize?

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[via The Big Lead]