In most instances, we absolutely hate when fans interfere with MLB games by trying to steal foul balls and home runs from players. We know that you guys want to take home a souvenir. But why try to do it by potentially ruining a game?

In this instance, though, we love what one fan did last night. He stole a foul ball from Dodgers star Adrian Gonzalez, who was trying to make a play on a ball over a rain tarp in foul territory. And he did it while simultaneously feeding a baby with a bottle. The result was this incredible picture:

The play had a happy ending for the Dodgers, too. Even though the fan robbed Gonzalez of a catch, Los Angeles challenged the play and fan interference was called, which resulted in an out. But even if the umpires hadn't reversed the call, this was one example of fan interference that we definitely didn't mind.

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[via The Big Lead]