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Bill Simmons is planning on launching, well, something soon. When his current contract with ESPN is over, he's going to get a new job. No one knows what that job will be or what it will entail, though, so right now there are all sorts of rumors flying around. Some of them are completely ridiculous. But others, like the latest one from Gawker, have a chance of turning out to be true.

According to a source who spoke with Gawker, Simmons is planning on teaming up with Jon Stewart sometime in the near future and launching an online subscription service of some kind.  The source says that Simmons' plan was revealed during a recent conference call that included executives from TV Land and Viacom. It could be a bunch of BS, but it could also be something that makes a lot of sense, seeing as how both Simmons and Stewart are preparing to be free agents of sorts soon. Gawker also pointed out that they share a manager, which leads us to believe that it might be a stronger rumor than some of the other stuff we've heard.

Stay tuned. At some point, Simmons is going to have to announce something.

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