Tonight Tom Brady arrived to do an already scheduled, pre-Ted Wells report, interview at Salem State University with Jim Gray. The first subject on the list (and everybody's minds) was DeflateGate, and Brady was pushed by the host, but managed to stay quiet on the details, using his 15-years of experience of giving non-answers and cliches to push through until Gray changed the subject. The friendly home-state crowd applauded and laughed at every god damn thing he said, including statements that were awkward and clearly not intended to be humorous in any way.

In case you're unaware, yesterday we finally heard the results of the NFL's investigation into DeflateGate, and were made aware that it was "more probable than not" that Brady was "generally aware" of the organization's attempt to slightly under-inflate their footballs.

I would (and did) just watch the whole video above and would recommend you do the same to get a feel for the uncomfortable scene. But if you're in a place where you have to be quiet, the most interesting tidbits (and there were few) included a part where Gray asked Brady about his reaction to the report, to which the signal caller responded:

"I don’t have really any reaction, Jim. Our owner commented on it yesterday. It’s only been 30 hours so I haven’t had much time to digest it fully. But when I do I will be sure to let you know how I feel about it, and everybody else."

In response, Gray asked if he was "that slow of a reader?"

Towards the end (and it's cut off in this video), Gray asked Brady if the Super Bowl was "tainted," which caused Brady to initially ask the crowd, but get more and more assertive that it wasn't as he was pressed on it, eventually saying "I said no, absolutely not."

Brady also added that he hopes to address the report in more actual detail soon.


Courtesy of WCVB Channel 5 Boston, here are Brady's comments on whether the findings in the report taint the Patriots' title:

[via YouTube]

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