Question: Does James Harden even realize that Lil B has put the Based God's Curse on him? We ask because, while everyone on the Internet has made a huge deal about it over the last week or so, Harden hasn't been on Twitter since the curse was formally initiated. We also haven't seen Harden comment about it yet. So it kind of seems like he's not aware of it. And if you watched Game 4 of the Warriors/Rockets playoff series last night, it definitely didn't seem like Harden was cursed. He went off, scoring a playoff career-high 45 points during a 128-115 Houston win.

This upset Lil B, who took to Twitter after the game to call Harden out (again) for stealing his cooking dance and, more importantly, his swag:

It also inspired Oracle Arena to invite Lil B to Game 5 of the series. No word on where Lil B will be sitting at the game—he has to sit near the Rockets' bench, right? PLEASE MAKE THIS HAPPEN, ORACLE!—but he'll be in the house on Wednesday when the Warriors host the Rockets:

And according to Lil B, he's going to do everything in his power to make sure that Harden acknowledges him:

Whether Harden actually realizes it or not, Lil B is coming for him. And we can't wait until Jeff Van Gundy is put in charge of explaining the Based God's Curse during Wednesday's game.

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[via For The Win]