LeBron James Says Joakim Noah’s Comments During Last Night’s Game Were “Very Disrespectful,” Went “Little Bit Too Far”

It's official: LeBron James would've never survived playing in the NBA in the '90s and '80s, from a trash talking standpoint. During Game 3 of the Bulls/Cavaliers series, James and Joakim Noah got into a verbal altercation in the third quarter after The King decided to say something to Noah after posterizing him. LeBron's remarks were in response to something the Bulls center said to him on the previous play.

While there is some uncertainty as to what was said by James and Noah, both players were hit with a technical foul. 

After the game, James wasn't pleased with the type of trash talk Noah directed at him.

Per Cleveland.com: 

“I love his emotion as a competitor. I love his emotion, but I think the words that he used to me was a little bit too far,” James said. “I’m a father with three kids. It got very disrespectful. I’m OK with competing against Jo. I love the competitive nature in him, but we should leave it there. The disrespectful words that he said to me were uncalled for so the best way to retaliate is by making a play.”

So, what did Noah have to say about 'Bron 'Bron's so-called "disrespectful" remarks?

“Disrespectful?” he asked with more than a bit of sarcasm. “I got mad respect for LeBron. We’re just two players trying to win a game. That’s all. I don’t know what he’s talking about. I’m just trying to win games for my team.”

James did add that if he were playing in the '90s or '80s, things would've played out differently. 

"If it was the ’90s or ’80s, I would have been able to say what I had to say and move on, but I got the T. I earned it.”

But, if you hit that "Related Articles" link and see what guys like Michael Jordan and Larry Bird were saying to everyone from opposing coaches to players to their own teammates, it's probably a hell of a lot worse than whatever Noah told LeBron last night.  

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[via SLAM]

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