Texans pass rusher J.J Watt is the Anthony Davis of the NFL. He's not human, or at least, he doesn't act like it. Watt transforms into a wildling from Game of Thrones on Sundays and treats the opposing quarterback like Samwell Tarly. But that isn't to say that Watt's skin doesn't bruise like the rest of us when he steps off the field.

Case in point:

Throwback to when this happened in the 1st half of the Bills game... pic.twitter.com/2Jspelyjnw

— JJ Watt (@JJWatt) May 21, 2015

The best part about the bruise is how Watt performed in the game against Buffalo. The mammoth recorded six QB hurries, a pass defense, and an 80-yard touchdown run after picking off Bills quarterback E.J. Manuel. Most importantly, the Texans recorded a W and Watt didn't miss any playing time due to that massive bruise.

This definitively proves that Watt is superhuman. If I had a bruise like that from playing in a football rec league, I'd call out of work for a week. Safe to say Watt will be looking to bruise some Bills when they play each other next season.

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