The Rockets and Clippers will take their playoff series back to Houston tonight, and no one is happier about that than Dwight Howard. During Game 4 of the series, which the Clippers lead 3-1 at the moment, Howard was taunted by a Clippers fan who told him "not to cry." And apparently, that wasn't the only heckling Howard faced in Los Angeles.

After he got ejected from the game during the fourth quarter, he made his way back to the visitors' locker room inside of the Staples Center. And when he did, a heckler found him in the hallway that leads to it and yelled "KOBE!" in his direction. That heckler then posted a video of Howard's reaction to Snapchat, and the video eventually made its way to TMZ Sports.

Check out the brief video in the clip above. Howard came thisclose to snapping.

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[via TMZ Sports]