Draymond Green is a hell of a player for the Warriors. In last night's Game 2 victory, he recorded 12 points, eight boards, and seven assists. He's the spirit of the Warriors on and off the court. He has an infectious personality that captures his teammates. And Green is constantly cheering someone on whether he's in the game or chilling on the bench. Plus, whenever he goes to the rack and gets the hoop and the harm, he can be heard screaming at the top of his lungs and flexxxxxing to the max.

He obviously inherited all of these traits from his mother. That's my guess because his mom's Twitter timeline was on tilt last night. I couldn't stop laughing; probably because my mom would be doing the same thing if I were in the NBA.

Check out some of the tweets  Mary Babers-Green sent out last night after Golden State knocked off Houston:

Hopefully someone showed Green this tweet during the game:

And of course, she has no chill, but she already knows that:

No need to apologize, Mrs. Green. Your timeline kept us all cracking up last night and we hope it doesn't change. Mother knows best. 

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