It's been all downhill for the Bulls ever since Derrick Rose banked in that game-winner last Friday. Pau Gasol sat out for a few games, LeBron hit them with a dagger of his own, and they dropped three in a row (two of which were at home) to turn a 2-1 series lead into a 4-2 series exit. Obvious to say, shit looked a lot different heading into last weekend. It finally came to an end tonight with a 94-73 beatdown.

That's one side of the coin.

Contrast that with the Cavs who just became the first team in the league to punch their ticket(s) to this years Conference Finals. Sure, they're only halfway to their everyone's preferred way to end the season, but now they get to sit back, relax, and cross their fingers that the Hawks and Wizards tire each other out going seven. For now once life in Cleveland is good. But this past week for the aforementioned Bulls should be a reminder of how quickly that can change. For now this GIF (allegedly directed at a courtside Scottie Pippen in the third quarter) sums it up best for LeBron and co.:

Now the Bulls find themselves hibernating for the, uh, summer. It's a bitter pill to swallow suppository to stuff in your bung if you're a Bulls fan. Especially going out like this. Twitter had fun at the Bulls' expense tonight. Here is a sampling of some of the best jobs of kicking a team when they were already down (plus one or two bits of Thibs info that are actually somewhat useful):

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