It sounds like Scottie Pippen's 20-year-old daughter Sierra Pippen had a hell of a weekend.

According to The Smoking Gun, Iowa City, Iowa police were called at around 1:30 a.m. Sunday after Sierra reportedly walked into the lobby at a Sheraton hotel and proceeded to urinate on the floor. Sierra—who attends the University of Iowa and was arrested earlier this month for public intoxication after she allegedly got into a fight with a security guard at the Sheraton—was found to be drunk when the cops showed up. She was also wearing "two bar wristbands," despite being underage, and accused one officer of "being racist" when he placed her under arrest.

Sierra was charged with public urination and public intoxication and released from jail at around 10 a.m. yesterday after she posted $500 bond. She is the second-oldest of Pippen's six children and has this photo on her Twitter account along with the bio "Im More Than Scottie Pippen's daughter":

What a weird story. But for what it's worth, Pip doesn't sound too worried about his daughter. He's currently fielding questions on Twitter:

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[via The Smoking Gun]