Chris Bosh doesn't really strike us as a guy who'd be all that interested in celebrating his birthday by playing beer pong. Sure, the idea of tossing ping-pong balls into Solo cups has become a bit more accepted amongst NBA players ever since Michael Jordan got caught playing. But still, Bosh doesn't seem like the kind of guy that would be into it.

That didn't stop his teammates from breaking out the beer pong balls over the weekend, though. They gathered to celebrate Bosh's belated 31st birthday (he's been dealing with health issues for the last two months, which is why they didn't celebrate earlier). And as you can see in the clip above, which was captured by Mario Chalmers' girlfriend Paije Speights, several members of the Heat played beer pong.

Neon Trees also performed during the party, which was apparently called #Boshtoberfest. Here's Bosh on stage with them:

Happy belated.

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[via Fox Sports]