On Friday, the Memphis Grizzlies hosted 88-year-old World War II Marine Corps veteran Jimmy Keep, who survived at Iwo Jima. While sitting in the seats of Grizzlies owner Robert Pera, Keep was acknowledged for his service and bravery as a part of the team's military recognition program. In a piece by Tom Charlier for Memphis' The Commercial Appeal, Keep discusses why he is such a huge fan of the Grizz and more specifically, Zach Randolph. “They’re men. They’re not afraid to bust your ass to get to the basket, especially (Zach) Randolph," he said. "Randolph’s my guy.”

Prior to last night's game, Randolph met with Keep and gave him some cool gifts as well. 

Then, after the Grizzlies' 97-90 win over the Los Angeles Lakers, Z-Bo walked over to Keep and the two shared a nice, little moment together. 

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