In a stacked Western Conference, the Denver Nuggets' record of 20-38 just isn't going to be good enough to get them to the playoffs. And the Nuggets know this fact all too well. According to The Denver Post's Christopher Dempsey, the team broke a huddle late in the fourth quarter of their eventual 104-82 loss to the Utah Jazz on Friday with this phrase: "1-2-3 ... six weeks!"

In case you're wondering, "six weeks" is definitely most likely a reference to when the Nuggets' regular season will finally come to an end. April 15, to be exact.

This latest story surrounding Denver is just another example of Brian Shaw losing control of his players. In his two seasons as head coach, Shaw has a 56-84 record and will definitely probably miss the postseason for a second straight year. Will Shaw be roaming the Nuggets sidelines next season? The answer is probably as clear as day, but hey, you never know. 

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