Madison Square Garden has seen many of the NBA's finest performances. It's a shame so many of them came from players who weren't on the Knicks.

While the Knicks have had plenty of great moments as a franchise, they've often been on the wrong side of some of the best performances ever. It's never a good look to be the team that players break records against, but playing in the world's most famous arena will open you up to some historic beatings. Especially if it's the 1960s and they're playing Wilt Chamberlain.

Patrick Ewing put in work at The Garden and Carmelo Anthony holds the record for most points in a single game at the arena, but those achievements still don't eclipse what Pete MaravichMichael Jordan, or Chamberlain (seriously, Wilt the Stilt was New York's reckoning in human form) did to them. In honor of last Saturday's 20th anniversary of Jordan's "Double Nickel" game, here are 10 of the Biggest Single-Player Ass-Whoopings Handed to the Knicks. So much hurt here, guys. So. Much. Hurt.