West Virginia is a 13.5-point underdog heading into their game against undefeated Kentucky tonight. And the thought is that, even though the Mountaineers have been able to overwhelm teams in the NCAA Tournament with their intense press defense, they won't be able to beat the Wildcats. But despite this, at least one WVU player is pretty much guaranteeing a victory tonight.

"I give them their props," West Virginia guard Daxter Miles Jr. told reporters yesterday. "Salute to them getting to 36-0. But tomorrow, they're gonna be 36-1."

Miles Jr. went on to say that the Wildcats "don't play hard." He also said that he thinks Kentucky should be nervous heading into tonight's Sweet 16 matchup.

"They should be more intimidated [than us]," he said. "Because they're the ones who have the high standard, and we're coming for them."

But at least one Kentucky player was unmoved by Miles Jr.'s confident statements.

"That's good," Wildcats forward Willie Cauley-Stein said after being told about what Miles Jr. said. "It adds fuel to the fire."

So we're betting Kentucky is going to be more than ready to play once the ball tips off tonight. And it could lead to the UK/WVU matchup being one of the best games of the tournament so far.

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