On Sunday, pro surfer Kolohe Andino won the men's final of the Australian Open of Surfing. It was a really big accomplishment for the 20-year-old from California. But today, people are more focused on what Andino does in his personal life than they are on what he did on his surfboard this weekend because of an incident that took place between him and Australian TV host Danny Clayton.

Andino has apparently been sending text messages to Clayton's model girlfriend Zoe Cross. And that obviously hasn't gone over well with Clayton. So when he got the opportunity to say a few words to Andino live on the air the other day, he took it and called the surfer out for texting her.

"I've got some tips for Kolohe, too, actually," he said. "Stay the fuck away from my girlfriend…I've seen the texts you've been sending her, and they're making her feel uncomfortable."

Then, as if that didn't drive the point home enough, he also took to Instagram to wish Cross a happy Valentine's Day and to let the world know that #sheistaken:

Watch the clip above to see Clayton call Andino out. It's just too bad they didn't let Andino respond, because this could have gotten really interesting.

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[via Barstool Sports]