For years and years boxing fans have been toyed with over the prospect of witnessing a potential mega-fight between two of it's biggest/only stars, Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao. Now it appears that those boxing fans will get their wish be toyed with again, as promoter Bob Arum told Yahoo Sports that Pacquiao has agreed to terms for the fight, and now only Mayweather needs to get on board (which history tells us is no easy task).

Arum also voiced that Mayweather's representatives are on board, though there was no confirmation that that particular claim is accurate. In addition to that, Arum said the following, which makes it appear that Pacquiao is eager (and that if the fight is held-up again, the blame should be placed upon Mayweather):

"I think Manny has been very reasonable and demonstrated that he wants the fight to happen. Now, we're waiting on Floyd. That's not to say that Floyd has been obstinate, that Floyd won't do it, but we're waiting on him."

Come to your own conclusion about whether or not you want to let yourself buy into this again.

[via Yahoo]

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