Okay, so the Cavaliers 2014-15 NBA season hasn't gone exactly as planned. And originally, Kevin Love thought that he was going to be joining a championship contender when he agreed to a trade that sent him from the Timberwolves to the Cavs in the offseason. But despite this, Love is not leaving Cleveland after this season. Do you hear us? NOT leaving. He's said it before—and now, he's saying it again.

"I think that we will figure it out here, so I don't plan on opting out or any of that," he said earlier today. "I plan on being here."

Love did acknowledge that he will have other "options" and that "it's always good to have" them, just in case things get really crazy in Cleveland. But as far as him leaving town simply because the team is 19-19 right now and struggling to get wins?

"I've said all along that I plan on being a Cavalier long-term," he said.

So feel free to keep asking him about his future. But for now, the answer is going to remain the same.

[via Pro Basketball Talk]

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