J.R. Smith made his debut with the Cleveland Cavaliers on Wednesday night and, no longer muzzled by the Knicks' PR staff, gave a series of revealing quotes to the New York Post's Kevin Kernan. In a season and a half, the Knicks have gone from the Eastern Conference Semis to arguably the worst team in basketball. That said, if there is locker room turmoil, the organization's been good about keeping the strife in-house. 

Cue Smith, who touched on everything from the team's issues with the triangle offense to tension within the organization. According to the report, Smith said that it was "kind of hard to prosper" because "everybody in the building was pretty much walking on eggshells." He also touched on the triangle offense saying, "It's almost too much thinking."

You can read Kernan's full story here. For more, check out the video above.

[via New York Post]