Usually, in the NBA, a videobomb consists of sneaking into a player sneaking into the shot of a teammate's interview. Maybe do a little something to bring about some attention. It's pretty harmless. Dirk Nowitzki goes about his videobombs in a completely different way. During a recent interview with his Dallas Mavericks teammate Chandler Parsons, Nowitzki just strolled by and smacked the microphone out of the reporter's hand. 

While the reporter did a good job recovering from Dirk's "videobomb," Parsons didn't seem too pleased with Nowitzki's actions. Just peep the look by Parsons in Nowitzki's direction towards the end of the clip.

Still, something tells us that if Parsons decided to approach Nowitzki about this, he would hang this little tidbit of information over his head and put an end to the matter. We don't have an issue anymore, right Chandler?  

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[via Jerry Elliot]

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