For years now, Anderson Silva has been using DMX's song, "Ain't No Sunshine," as his entrance music when he walks to the Octagon before matches. In the video above, you can watch him making his entrance at UFC 168 with X playing in the background. So this Saturday, when Silva fights Nick Diaz at UFC 183, he'll make his entrance to—you guessed it—DMX.

It doesn't sound like that's by choice anymore, though. Because according to Silva, he wants to start walking to the Octagon to a new song. But he claims that UFC President Dana White won't allow it.

"Ask Dana White," Silva said when asked about the possibility of him using a new entrance song. "Whenever I talk about changing my song, he says no. [Brazilian rapper] Pregador Luo was working with Usher, who is my personal friend, on a new tune. But it seems like Dana does not want to change the music, so we won't be able to do it."

So even though Silva wants a change, UFC fans will still hear this when he walks to the Octagon on Saturday:

[via MMA Junkie]

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