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A San Jose, Calif. man was shot yesterday while trying to break up a fight between fans of the San Francisco 49ers and the Oakland Raiders. The two teams squared off on Sunday, a game which the Raiders surprisingly won, further sinking San Francisco's chances of making the playoffs, and Jim Harbaugh's chances of keeping his job

The fan dispute took place at a downtown restaurant in San Jose, ending around 5:15 p.m. after the police received a phone call informing them that a man had been shot. According to a source for the San Jose Mercury News, the victim is a local security guard who inserted himself into the scuffle for the purpose of ending it. However, police have yet to confirm his role in the dispute. The Mercury News has more details: 

Sometime afterward, officers detained several adult male suspects around the corner on North Almaden Avenue, in front of SP2 bar and restaurant. Police would not say how many people were detained or release their identities. They were taken to the San Jose police headquarters.

Before the shooting, customers were watching the football game at Britannia Arms, but police did not release any details of any verbal exchanges or altercations. However, the crime "is game-related for sure," said Sgt. Jaime Jimenez, referring to the 24-13 upset victory by the Raiders over the 49ers.

As if the Raiders needed another reason to move to San Antonio. 

[Image via San Jose Mercury News