Brett Pollakoff of ProBasketballTalk
?It?s a humbling experience for me,? Anthony said. ?I never thought that I would be sitting here talking about me scoring 20,000 points. I used to look, when I played with A. I. [Allen Iverson] back in Denver, I used to just look at him and see his stats and say, man, you?ve got like 20-something-thousand points, man. But I never thought I would be here talking about me actually reaching that milestone, so I?m definitely humbled by this experience.? Those scoring numbers are almost always worthy of Hall of Fame induction, but Anthony wasn?t willing to go there just yet. ?It?s kind of hard to think about it like that,? he said. ?When I?m done with this game and that time comes, we?ll see what happens. But it?s kind of hard there to put my mind there right now.?