From hawking the Dallas Cowboys sideline to ensuring the future of his head coaches, Jerry Jones has always kept the media fat and happy with both his actions, and his seemingly unprovoked comments. So it should come as no surprise that once again, Jones is in the headlines for speaking on the future of America’s team. First, Jones made waves with his prognosis on quarterback Tony Romo’s ailing back. Where’d he get that medical degree, again?

“I’m anticipating him playing,” Jones said with regards to Romo starting under center against the Jaguars in London on Sunday. “Anytime he can play, we want him to play. We’re a better team, to be trite, with him playing. There’s no such thing as holding him out and foregoing the potential chance that we win,” Jones added, according to a report by the Dallas Morning News.

Now, Jones has expressed his opinion not just on this week in London, but the long-term future of his franchise QB.

“I think Romo has at least five years,” Dallas’ outspoken owner said in the same Dallas Morning News report. “I’m planning on him at least five years of playing at a level that would allow us to be a possible contender.”

But it gets better.

“He has aspirations and stated to me of potentially being an offensive coordinator in the NFL when he grows up, Jones stated. “He has great ideas and very sound ideas.”

There you have it, folks. Romo is definitely playing this week, has five good years left at the helm, and when he “grows up”-because he’s still a boy, even though he’s only got five years left?-he’s heading right for an NFL sideline. Will that be the AT&T sideline, Jerry?

[via Sportress of Blogitude]