Jason Kidd doesn't play in the NBA anymore. He's a coach now for the Bucks. But that doesn't mean that he's forgotten how to throw players off their games. Just ask Joe Johnson.

At the end of the second overtime of last night's Bucks/Nets game—a game Milwaukee eventually won, despite a major blunder by Brandon Knight—Kidd knew Brooklyn was going to try to have Johnson win the game out of a timeout. So he walked over by the Nets' huddle, looked directly at Iso Joe, and yelled, "We know it's coming to you!" It was Kidd's way of trying to get inside Johnson's head. And wouldn't you know? It actually worked! Johnson's last-second shot missed the mark (by a lot!) and the game went to triple OT.

You can watch Kidd yell at Johnson in the clip above. Good strategy, coach.

[via Deadspin]