Got something bad to say about Iman Shumpert and his rap career? Well, you better look out, because he will respond to you.

The Knicks guard just released a new song called "#How2Hate" and, on it, he calls out Charlamagne Tha God and DJ Envy.

"Tell Charlamagne when he see me better holla at me, hater/Envy better holla at me," he raps. "Cause I don't do the fake shit/I bet they listen when it buzz with they name in it, huh?"

And according to Shump, he specifically name-dropped those two radio personalities because he feels as though they talk bad about him when they're on the air but are quick to try and backtrack from their negative statements when they're not on the clock.

"I feel that when cameras are rolling Charlamagne and Envy will say anything for ratings," he told TMZ Sports, "and then behind the scenes will try and whisper that it's just a job and they don't mean any harm. But they stated some things on the radio that I felt were detrimental to my brand, so I will defend my brand."

You can listen to the song—which, by the way, is actually pretty impressive—here:

Charlamagne has already used Twitter to defend himself and to say that he has not taken any shots at Shump in the past:

No response from Envy yet. Stay tuned.

[via TMZ Sports]