Memes were not easy this week as we tried to steer clear of every stupid Cavs are 1-3 or Heat are 3-0 entry (back when both of those statements were still accurate). This isn't college football, starting off 1-3 doesn't mean dick. Anybody who's watched the NBA for more than a month knows this, and yet we still get this idiocy. All we can do is ignore it and hope that, in time, the world (and corresponding sports media) come to their senses.

Besides that, the main (non-LeBron) shots taken over the past couple of days revolved around Derrick Rose's never-ending health struggles, A-Rod marking his territory and Tom Brady wrecking Peyton Manning (and co.). They may not be funny to Chicago, Denver or Yankees ownership but they work for us. Here are the Funniest Sports Memes from November 2nd through the 8th.