Yesterday, ESPN reported that LeBron James and Kyrie Irving "exchanged words" after the Cavaliers' loss to the Trail Blazers earlier this week. According to several sources, the two players had a heated exchange that ended with Irving leaving the Cavs' locker room and refusing to speak with the media. But when he was asked about the alleged rift today, James downplayed it.

"Those reports aren't true," James said. "We have not had a verbal exchange. But I understand that negativity sells. No one wants to hear a good story. Those reports are not true. They're very false."

Irving shot down the report, too, but he did it in his own sarcastic way.

"We're on opposite ends [of the court during shootaround], so that means we hate each other," he said. "It was over Survivor's Remorse and Family Guy. That's what it was about. Obviously he's going to feel strongly about Survivor's Remorse. It's his show! But I love Family Guy. Heated exchange, words were said, no blows this time, but awesome for our team."

Hmmm…Think this is how James and Irving saw their first week together playing out? Nah, right? Hopefully, it won't play out this way for much longer, because we don't know how much more we can take.

[via Eye on Basketball]