Know what doesn't sound like a good idea? Climbing inside of a boxing ring and trying to go toe-to-toe with a professional boxer during a sparring session. It's a good way to get yourself hurt. But Dame Dash tried it recently anyway by jumping into the ring with Andre Berto. And while he held his own for awhile, it became pretty evident that Dame was just trying to make it out of the ring alive by the end of their session.

In the clip above, you can watch as Dame starts off strong and even lands a few punches on Berto. But after awhile, Dame's legs give out on him and he collapses to the mat on several occasions. And that's when Berto starts laying it on thick, landing punch after punch after punch after punch after…well, you get the point.

As a bonus, you can hear Cam'ron coaching Dame up from outside the ring. Kudos to Dame for giving it his best effort. But we felt tired just watching this, and we wouldn't expect him to try this again anytime soon.

[via TMZ Sports]