Today, the Oklahoma City Thunder took a moment out of their busy NBA offseason to announce the name of their new D-League affiliate team, the Oklahoma City Blue. Previously, the team's minor league squad was the Tulsa 66ers, named after Route 66, the famous highway that runs through Tulsa, OK. However, the franchise packed up their bags and headed up to OKC after this season so that the developmental unit could be closer to the actual team. Not a bad idea. Here's what Brian Byrnes, the Thunder's senior vice president of sales and marketing, had to say about the name and logo change:

"Blue is one of our primary Thunder colors, but it has become more than just a color for us. It has come to represent the passion, loyalty and unity of our fans and our community in their support for our team. Our players wear it proudly on their uniforms, our fans sport Thunder blue shirts, Thunder blue flags fly across Oklahoma and our statewide Blue Alliance fan groups show their connection to our team and what it stands for."

"It is only fitting that our development team, which is such an integral part of our organization, be called the Blue to represent the cohesion it has with the Thunder. We think this new name accurately reflects the enhanced unity between the two teams, which are now geographically and philosophically aligned in Oklahoma City and focused on development."

Unfortunately for Byrnes and the Oklahoma City Blue, not everyone felt the same way about the change. Normally quiet at this point in the offseason, Basketball Twitter had a nice uptick in activity today while they riffed about the Blue's impossibly bland and uninspiring new name and logo, basically teeing off on the team like a bunch of kids swinging at a helpless piñata. As you'll see below, the results were pretty funny. For the Blue's sake, let's hope that their coming days in the league go more smoothly than their first one.