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San Antonio Spurs forward Tim Duncan is a humble, no-frills sort of guy. But even he wants to take advantage of his stardom every now and then. In a special edition of Marvel's The Punisher, the future Hall of Famer will be doing just that, appearing as a guest character.

Of course, with Duncan being as humble as he is, the Spurs star will be featured as a only a simple mechanic. Granted, he's the mechanic who builds cars for the Punisher, but he's still a mechanic. C'mon, Timmy, you couldn't let yourself be a superhero just this one time? Steal the spotlight for once. We're begging you.

Duncan's position as a mechanic comes as a part of his partnership with a San Antonio custom auto shop called BlackJack Speed Shop. The partnership with The Punisher comes as a result of Duncan's fandom for the comic. In the past, Duncan has been spotted wearing a Punisher-themed knee brace. Apparently, this is something of a dream come true for the superstar forward.

[via ProjectSpurs]