It's another random act of kindness from Mario Balotelli.

The Liverpool and Italy striker is thought to have made a five-figure donation to Manchester Dogs' home, which was gutted in a fire last week that killed 60 dogs.

Staff at the charity suspect dog-loving Balotelli is behind a donation and have revealed that the player volunteered to walk abandoned dogs for the charity during his time at Manchester City.

Jane Smith, a spokesman for the dogs' home, said:

“Mario owns a dog but it was in quarantine in Italy so he used to come and walk all the dogs at the dogs’ home."

“We can’t yet confirm whether he made a donation but he is known as a big dog lover so it would make sense.”

When contacted by the Liverpool Echo about the donation, Balotelli's representatives refused to deny that the £16 million man had made the donation. Another high-profile pledge has come from Simon Cowell, who donated £25,000.

This story is the latest urban legend that paints 'Super Mario' as a modern day saint. When at Manchester City, he was reported to have given a homeless man £2,000 and in a separate incident, helped a child confront school bullies.

[via Liverpool Echo]