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When you're LeBron James—pillar and ruler of American sport—your opinion on all matters of sport is needed. It's like when we hear Kanye speak on music and fashion or Obama say nothing address Ferguson. On CNN's Unguarded, Rachel Nichols—a reporter who isn't afraid to push for real answers—asked LeBron about what he told his own sons about Ray Rice and domestic violence. 

LeBron, who's expecting a baby girl, responded sensibly:

“I left it as simple as this: ‘Never put your hand on a woman. Never put your hand on a classmate that’s a female. It’s not allowed, it’s not condoned in this house, and it shouldn’t be condoned in this world. And your dad would never put his hand on your mother.'”

Watch the full piece for LeBron's take on racism in the NBA, Ferguson, and fatherhood.