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May 3 was a night that left people who were aching to see Floyd Mayweather fall once again disappointed. His opponent then was Marcos Maidana, who became famous after turning Adrien Broner into a meme in December.

For tonight's rematch, there are strong hopes that Mayweather will see a "1" on that loss column. Maidana was the man who gave Mayweather arguably his toughest fight this decade. The majority decision scorecard doesn't tell the story (don't trust the judges, guys). Maidana came close to overwhelming Mayweather in the earlier rounds and stuck with him throughout, but the champ's famously slick defense and punch accuracy eventually gave him the edge.

He was close, but an "L" is an "L" for Maidana. It was the most exciting Mayweather-related "L" in a while, though. Relive it above.

[via For The Win]