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Boxing is dying. Nobody's really disputing this. But there's still a handful of stars that get people talking outside of the sport, and tonight one of them went toe-to-toe with Marcos Maidana in a rematch for the Welterweight Title.

So for those of you who didn't want to pony up the $80 pay-per-view, how did it go? Floyd Mayweather won. Again. Easily. He's 47-0. And though there were little tiny bursts of life from Maidana's corner (see: Rounds Four and 12), the match was never really in question, and Floyd cruised to a unanimous decision in a fight that was typical Mayweather (meaning his opponent threw more punches, but Floyd landed more). Floyd out-jabbed Maidana, and absolutely demolished him when it came to landing power punches (another Mayweather specialty).

The most noteworthy moment in the bout probably occurred in Round Eight when Maidana appeared to bite Floyd's glove causing a brief controversy when Floyd repeatedly screamed angrily "He fuckin' bit me." Alas it wasn't as memorable as Tyson/Holyfield's biting incident, because that was a match between two fighters people wanted to watch.

This wasn't, and that was the problem. It was a beat down and just reminds us that there are other fights we want to see. Not a rematch that never should've happened.

It should be mentioned (and it is in the headline) that Floyd left an opening for a Pacquiao match in the post-fight questioning with Jim Gray, but we've heard it before. Whether it ever materializes, feel free to speculate in the comments section.