Floyd Mayweather is definitely one of the people who should keep their mouths closed in a week when domestic violence has been brought to the forefront. Because he's Mayweather, he hasn't. "There's a lot worse things that go on in other people's households — it's just not caught on video," he said about the elevator footage.

Because, Doy! It's only domestic violence if it's filmed.

You also probably shouldn't come to Mayweather in regards to domestic violence. Because he hits women, you see. Not allegedly either. To Floyd, "Mayweather hits women," is an opinion.

CNN's Unguarded's Rachel Nichols tried to take Mayweather to task about his history, but the champion answered as if he was trying to will his transgressions out of existence. Check the transcript below via Deadspin.

>> Okay, you are someone with a history of domestic violence yourself. You have even been to jail for it, why should fans root for you with this kind of history?

>> Everything has been allegations. Nothing has been proven. So, you know that's life.

>> The incident you went to jail for the mother of your three children did show some bruises, a concussion when she went to the hospital, it was your own kids who called the police, gave them a detailed description of the abuse, there has been documentation?

>> Uh-huh. Once again, no pictures. Just hearsay and allegations. And I signed a plea-bargain. Once again, not true.

>> But the website Deadspin detailed seven physical assaults on five women that resulted in arrest or citation, are we supposed to believe all the women are lying including the incidents when there were witnesses like your own kids?

>> Everybody actually, everybody is entitled to their own opinion. When it is all said and done, only God can judge me.

>> We have seen, the public wants domestic abuse in the country addressed would you consider donating any of the $30 million that you will make this weekend to an organization that educates against abuse?

>> This weekend, what I will do with that millions and millions of dollars be saved for my children because my children are who I love and that's who i care about.

It sounds like someone needs to differentiate fact from hearsay. And did that lawyer not explain to Mayweather what a plea deal is? Mayweather's greatness ends at the ring ropes, obviously.

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