Racing is a sport unlike any other. You can't just walk outside your home, pick up a ball and shoot 1,000 jumpers in your driveway. You can't go down the block with a soccer ball to an open field and practice your dribbling or your cuts. And you certainly can't take your mom's sedan out and set up your neighborhood as a road course (at least, not legally or safely). Driving a racecar requires an immense amount of time, money, and resources in order to practice and hone your craft. You have to buy tires, and you have to have a team working on your car, and you have to have an open track. But because not every aspiring or current driver can tick all of those boxes, they're starting to turn to a new technology that gives them the next best thing: simulators. 

CXC Simulations is a company based in Los Angeles that designs, builds, and perfects machines that are meant to give you the same experience you have while racing in a car. CXC was founded in 2007 by Chris Considine as a way to give drivers a way to practice and try out new cars and tracks all without leaving a single room. We took a trip to CXC's headquarters and were able to get some time with the Motion Pro II simulator, talk to Chris about developing the product, and ask professional Porsche factory driver Patrick Long how it compares to real racing. Trust when we say this thing is the real deal.