Facing a 27-3 halftime deficit in Pittsburgh against the Steelers, things looked bleak for the Cleveland Browns and their fans. The play on the field was bad enough that it caused one diehard to completely snap in a very NSFW rant.

While this guy likes Johnny Manziel, he hates pretty much everyone else in the Browns organization, especially coach Mike Pettine. It's easy to lose track of how many times he addresses Pettine to let him know that he "sucks."

Poor Browns fans. Decades of futility has caused them to literally lose their minds, to the point that they have now been reduced to screaming into their phones in their cars while driving by themselves. It’s a truly sad scene.

Perhaps this guy’s pep talk worked, however. While the maligned Pettine did not bring Manziel into the game after halftime, the Browns rallied from the 27-3 deficit to tie the game before the Steelers’ Shaun Suisham hit a 41 yard field goal to win it as time expired.

But hey, there’s always next week.

[via YouTube]