In professional sports, it would be hard to find a moment of pure, unadulterated joy quite like the moment after sacking the quarterback. Defensive players don’t get nearly as much of the glory as their offensive counterparts, and bringing down the opposing QB is one of the few moments in a game where one defender shines apart from everyone else on the field. While some pass rushers take all this in stride and don’t react especially strongly to making a big play, a post-sack celebration has become a time-honored tradition in recent years.

The NFL is full of talented pass rushers who also commit great energy and focus into their celebrations. When you get to the quarterback as much as someone like J.J. Watt or Von Miller, you’re going to have some room to express your creativity out on the field.

Whether it’s going with a modern dance move like the Nae Nae or going retro for the Pee Wee Herman dance, NFL defenders have made the sack dance an event in and of itself. Given the sheer volume of dances that take place in the league today, here are the 25 Best NFL Sack Celebrations in Recent History, in GIFs.

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