Let's start by saying, yes, we're talking about The Decision. You know, the moment in NBA history that we should probably sweep under the rug now that LeBron James is back in Cleveland. But here we are, talking about it once againhopefully for the last timebecause in a recent Q&A with former NBA commissioner David Stern, NBA.com's David Aldridge brought up LeBron leaving the Cavs and coming back four years later. Here's what Stern had to say/kept inside for a couple years now: 

Me: I would think you have two views on LeBron -- that he left Cleveland and Cleveland goes nuts, but he goes to Miami and wins championships. And then, he comes back.

DS: I told LeBron, I thought that regardless of how poorly executed The Decision was, I thought the world was being horribly unfair to him. He was entitled to make that decision and he was entitled to make the decision he made. If it makes him happy, then I'm happy. I think it's great. The additional dividend being, apparently, he has been much appreciated by the fans of the world for his decision to return to Cleveland. And I think that's wonderful. And I think that it demonstrates how embedded the NBA is into the psyche of not just America, but maybe even the world. That during the world Cup, the second-most talked about issue was where would LeBron go? There was a baseball season going on, but everyone wanted to talk about LeBron. I thought that was a very positive development. And it sort of demonstrated something we've said over the years, that the drama that's on and off the court provides fodder for our fans to think about, talk about, and get involved in some discussions about.

Shout out to Stern for completely glossing over that line about "how poorly executed The Decision was." After all, that's just arguably one of the main reasons why Cavs fans were so irate. Sure, James chose to go to greener pastures at the time, but the way it all played out is where the fans had an issue with The King and why he took an entirely different route this time around. 

Even though Stern is no longer associated with the current NBA, he still has a way of irking fans. Go away, Stern. Go away!  

[via Ball Don't Lie]