It's been on the air for more than 25 years now and, to be honest, no pregame show gets us more hyped for its chosen sport. That's because ESPN's College GameDay always showcases the electricity of a college campus while broadcasting their appetizer for the day's slate of action. You've probably seen the show (at least once) and therefore know the tradition of students/fans getting up early, heading to (or near) the stadium, and holding up some big fucking sign that forces their train of thought into the living room of viewers. This marks the only time we don't find signs at sporting events obnoxious.

With the chance tell a joke to a nationwide audience, you know some people are going to push it over the top. That's what we got for you today. Sprinkled in-between are the scant few that hold up vulgar obscenities that make producers cringe (those would be our favorite). These signs are like Twitter one-liners: a million of them get put out there, but only a handful are memorable. Here are the Best Signs in the History of College GameDay: