If you have a pet, then you probably—make that hopefully—know that you should never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever leave your pet trapped inside of a hot car in the summertime. Because even if you leave the windows cracked an inch or two, your car is still going to get extremely warm inside. And in all likelihood, your pet will suffer as a result of it.

To prove this point, veterinarian Dr. Ernie Ward parked his car in the sun on a summer day, rolled up all of the car's windows almost all the way, and sat inside of it for about 30 minutes. And it got incredibly hot inside of the vehicle. In fact, it reached almost 120 degrees in the car at one point, in spite of the fact that he had the windows slightly cracked. It made for a very uncomfortable and dangerous climate inside of the car—a climate that could have potentially done some serious damage to, say, a small dog.

Watch the video above if you need a reminder about why you shouldn't leave your pet in the car on a hot day. Kudos to this vet for showing people about the dangers of a hot car, rather than just telling them about it.

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[via Fox 6]