At this point, we've heard all kinds of horror stories about people driving their cars into sinkholes. But we've never heard a story quite like this before.

Recently, a 41-year-old woman named Juanita Pineda and her 15-year-old son Benjamin Hernandez were driving down a road in Illinois early one morning and delivering newspapers when they accidentally drove directly into a sinkhole and got trapped inside of it. It was a pretty tough way to start their morning. But things got even worse for them a few minutes later when a pickup truck came down the road, didn't see them, and drove directly over their car. The driver of the truck circled back around once he realized what he had done. But because he drove over the pair, it made it very difficult for emergency crews to free Pineda and Hernandez from their vehicle.

Fortunately, both the mother and her son are doing OK now and didn't sustain any serious injuries in the accident. But the situation was still pretty bad and serves as yet another reminder about the dangers of sinkholes. Watch the video above to hear more about Pineda and Hernandez's accident.

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[via ABC News]