Earlier this month, Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon—who was already facing a one-year suspension from the NFL after failing a drug test earlier this year—was pulled over in Raleigh, N.C. for speeding and then arrested when cops discovered that he was "appreciably impaired." They charged him with DWI and the thought was that his future in the NFL might be in serious doubt due to all of his legal troubles and his drug and alcohol-related issues. But it sounds like he's taken some of the right steps to try and get back on the right path over the course of the last few weeks.

According to Fox Sports, Gordon's DWI arrest was a wake-up call of sorts for the young receiver. And a short time after he was released from jail, he checked into a rehab facility to get help. He didn't end up staying very long, because he's expected to attend the start of Browns training camp today. But the Browns are looking at his willingness to go to rehab as a positive sign and have already come out and said that they will not release the talented receiver anytime soon.

Of course, Gordon is still in plenty of hot water. On August 1, he will have to attend a hearing in order to try and get the NFL to reduce the one-year suspension that they handed him. And thanks to his recent DWI arrest, there's a good chance that the league won't be willing to do that. But it's nice to hear that Gordon is willing to get some help for himself. It's what he's going to need if he wants to have a long and successful NFL career.

[via NFL]