James Rodriguez is quickly endearing himself to Real Madrid fans following his recent transfer to the team. On Tuesday night, the Colombian footballer traveled to Madrid to receive his first proper introduction with the fans and the Santiago Bernabéu stadium. Rodriguez, who recently captured the Golden Boot award after a stellar performance at the 2014 FIFA World Cup, transferred to Real Madrid for $108M, a deal that made him the fifth most expensive soccer player in history.

Real Madrid fans gave their new superstar a warm reception upon his arrival in the stadium. So warm, in fact, that one fan, who was seen donning a Colombia jersey, jumped down to the field and ran up to Rodriguez in order to embrace him. Understandably, team security reacted quickly to subdue the overzealous fan. Rodriguez, however, wasn't having it. The Colombian picked up his fellow countryman and gave him a complimentary soccer ball for his troubles. Watch the video above and see for yourself.

[via For The Win