Next Monday night, WWE is going to make its way down to Miami for Monday Night Raw. And they've already revealed that Flo Rida is going to be their special guest that night. They haven't explained exactly how they're going to use him yet—and Flo Rida himself has already told For The Win that he's probably not going to take part in any of the action that night—but WWE's Stephanie McMahon has revealed that there's a chance that Flo Rida might surprise everyone inside of the AmericanAirlines Arena by smacking somebody around.

"Anything can happen in the world of WWE," she said earlier today. "With his physical stature, his personality, and his charisma, I think if anybody got in Flo Rida's face, well, he might not back down."

Unlike some of the other guest stars who have appeared on RawahemKevinHartahem—we think that Flo Rida could actually hold his own on the show. So we wouldn't mind him showing off a few moves in the ring. We'd even give him some bonus points if he broke them out after one of the WWE stars made an inevitable LeBron James joke. How cool would that be?

Make sure you're tuned in next Monday night to see if Flo Rida gets in on the action.

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[via For The Win]