It's been more than two years now since Delonte West last played in a regular season NBA game. And that doesn't really bode well for his future in the league. Even if he can still play and play at a relatively high level, the chances of an NBA team signing him for next season are pretty slim.

But one NBA team is going to give West the chance to prove himself during the Las Vegas Summer League this month. That team? The Los Angeles Clippers, who have agreed to let West run with them out in Las Vegas. As Eye on Basketball points out, having West on the Clippers summer league roster might just be a favor to the oft-troubled player from Clips coach Doc Rivers. But even if it is nothing more than a favor, it'll at the very least give West a chance to prove that he can still play in the NBA. And even if the Clippers don't end up keeping him on their regular season roster, him playing in the summer league could very well lead to other NBA opportunities in the near future.

Stay tuned to see what West does with his summer league opportunity. It might be the last chance he gets to play in the NBA, so we hope he makes the most of it.

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[via Eye on Basketball]