Date: 1983
Matchup: 76ers vs. Lakers
Series: 4-0 (76ers)

Moses Malone, the piece that the 76ers acquired to finish their championship puzzle, made the famous "Fo', fo', fo'" prediction before the playoffs that the 76ers would sweep every series. Philly lost only one game to Milwaukee in the ECF. The 76ers scored over 100 points in all four victories and averaged 110.5 points per game for the series. Moses Malone was the Finals MVP, averaging 25.8 points and 18.0 rebounds. The "Showtime" Lakers were anything but that in the '83 Finals. They were without James Worthy for the entire playoffs while losing Bob McAdoo and Norm Nixon for parts of the Finals.

Coincidentally, the Lakers lead every game at halftime, but still couldn't manage to leave with a victory. The prescription of Moses Malone to the Sixers front court proved to be just what the Doctor ordered for Philadelphia.