Unfortunately, the 2014 NBA Playoffs expiration date is coming up in the next couple weeks. The Heat and Spurs will face off again in a battle which everyone hopes is as thrilling as the 2013 NBA Finals that went the distance. That's what the NBA Finals should be about, right? The two best teams from the East and West, fighting for six or seven games to reign supreme. Having a series that gets ended by Game 4 or Game 5 just doesn't cut it. The NBA faithful didn't deal with the New York Knicks being on national TV every night for a sub par matchup in the NBA Finals.

It's sad to say that 23 out of 55 (42 percent) NBA Finals have been decided by five games or less. That's almost half of the matchups that deserved the snooze button. Since the basketball gods blessed us with seven games last year, are the Finals almost guaranteed to fall short of expectations this season?

That will be decided with the series starting tonight, but before you tune into Game 1, peep the Worst NBA Finals Matchups in NBA History.